Introducing Official – Bob McLean

The QLD Rally Advisory Panel has dubbed April Official’s Month.

Bob McLean is not only a very prominent Motorsport Australia Scrutineer but also a member of the QLD Rally Advisory Panel. While we may not being doing our regular pre event scrutineering at the moment, Bob is still busy doing Rally Rego/Log Book checks on new builds and like all of us eagerly awaiting the start to rallying in 2022. We asked Bob how he got involved in Rally and what he likes about being an official.

How did you get involved in rally?

Like most Scrutineers I began officiating at Circuit Racing – Qld Raceway. It was here I really got to know Dave Wood (I had met Dave previously at my Son’s workshop) who took a punt and invited me to a Rally Event. I was like a fish out of water but after a few more events I realised Rallying was for me.

How long has he been involved?

I began breathing dust up the nostrils about 16 years ago, back in the days when Steve Shepheard, Ryan Smart, Matt van Tuinen and Rob Bishop, among others, set the pace while Dave Gaines provided his usual sense of humour.

Why do you official?

Becoming an Official in Motorsport and in particular Rallying was a no brainer. I needed a new hobby and followed my two sons Brenden and Greg into Scrutineering. Unfortunately due to different commitments my boys and I didn’t get to work together all that often but with the satisfaction gained knowing I contributed to an events success in some small way was more than enough to keep me involved.

Favourite part of being an official?

My favourite thing about being a Rally Official is the Family. Rallying, whether an Official or a Competitor is just that – a family! We have fun, spin a yarn, give hugs but we retain the respect required to ensure a safe competition is had by all. 

Tips for someone thinking of getting involved?

For anyone considering becoming a Rally Official you first need to understand you don’t need to be a Philadelphia Lawyer. There is plenty of support and encouragement available – no need to be scared, I started at the bottom so if I can do it so can you.

Becoming an Official has been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. Like me you will need to take the first step and talk to someone.

As a helping hand, the following will welcome you with open arms:
Brisbane Sporting Car Club –
Gold Coast Tweed Motorsport Club –
Scrutineering Assn –

If you would like to be interviewed for Official’s Month and share your story please contact the QLD Rally Advisory Panel at

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