Introducing Official – Nathaniel Dillon

The QLD Rally Advisory Panel has dubbed April Official’s Month.

You may have met next official Nathaniel Dillon as the Competitor Relations Officer at the Accent Benchtops Rally Queensland. Nathaniel and the Dillon Family have been involved with rallying in QLD for many years. We asked Nathaniel how he got started and why he loves being an official.

How did you get involved in rally?

Through my family.  Dad and Mum have been competing and working as officials since the1970s. We always helped as an official when Mum and Dad were not competing, as a kid growing up I couldn’t wait for rally weekends, it is the best sport in the world after all.

How long has he been involved?

My entire 38 going on 39 years of life. I went to my first rally when I was 6 weeks old and have helped as an official many times since, completing all officials roles from Roadblock to Deputy Clerk of Course and nearly everything in between. Have been competing on and off in rallies since 2002 as time and money allows.

Why do you official?

I like to give back to the sport and enjoy being around the people. Rallying is full of great and friendly people.

Favourite part of being an official?

I enjoy the challenge of the more involved jobs like CRO or helping with the organising committee. The CRO role is a great way to be involved in the organising side of events but also helping out the competitors. From helping the novice crews learn and grow, to sorting out the more complex problems that arise I love it all.  

I would love to be a Clerk of Course one day when my kids are bit older and I have a bit or free time. When doing roadblocks it is nice way to just get away from work with my kids and the rest of the Dillon clan and enjoy a day in the bush.

Tips for someone thinking of getting involved?

Reach out and talk to others, there are plenty of other officials that are happy to give advice and help you out. Put your hand up for a job and do it, but start small and learn your way up through the different positions. If you are a competitor find a way to give back to the sport.

Thanks Nathaniel for sharing your experiences and we look forward to seeing you at more events in the future.

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