Introducing Official – Judy Foster

The QLD Rally Advisory Panel has dubbed April Official’s Month.

If you have entered a Brisbane Sporting Car Club Rally in the last 12months you would have no doubt spoken to Judy Foster who performs the Secretary role.

We asked Judy to tell us more about how she got involved with Rally and why she keeps coming back.

How did you get involved in rally?

I have been involved in rallying since 1986, my then husband had done some night navigation runs and decided to build a car so I joined the Gold Coast Tweed Motorsport Club

How long has he been involved?

I navigated a bit until we decided wife telling the husband where to go wasn’t really working so I became the Secretary of an event at Beerburrum which was in 1988, my son Phillip was 9 days old at the time.  I was secretary for about 10 years for the Gold Coast Tweed Motorsport Club and then stopped when we divorced. 

I started back going to rallies as a concerned mum when Phil started rallying. I started back as an official in 2017 as a start control at Manumbar.  I then went along to an official’s night where I talked to Margaret about getting involved as a Secretary again. 

My first event back as a Secretary was the Test and Tune at Benarkin in the beginning of 2019.  I have been secretary of at least 2 events a year since then. 

Why do you official?

Meeting everyone even if it is by email.  I meet all of the competitors in one way or another, as well as numerous government officials along the way.

Favourite part of being an official?

Initially, when spectating at rally events became restricted from the late 80’s onwards, it was a way to get closer to the action. To have your own private spectator point and not worry about people all around you.

Tips for someone thinking of getting involved?

When you decide to come along for the first time, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Everybody will be willing to help you along the way. Just make sure you pick your moments as it is quite intense before the event begins.

Thanks Judy for all your hard work as an Event Secretary and we all look forward to catching up with you when we next put an entry in for a Brisbane Sporting Car Club event!

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