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21st November 2018 – Official 2019 Queensland Rally Calendar

6th July 2017 – Reminder to QRC Rally Competitors about markings on vehicle door (PDF, 158 KB)

19th April 2017 – QRC 6 Announcement for 2017 season (PDF, 138 KB)

27th January 2016 – MRF Tyres to sponsor Queensland Rally Championship

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Offical Page of the Queensland Rally Championship
Offical Page of the Queensland Rally Championship21 hours ago
The guide no one wants to see: Anthony Tanzer’s Form Guide P3 Solutions QRC3 Accent Benchtop Working Dog Rally 2019

Car 1 Brinkman & Smith - still the fastest in the championship - most stage wins but still without an event win. Have invested heavily in the sponsorship of the event, can it buy them a win? Even money bet.
Car 2 Morton & Penny - still yet to show the speed they expected and reliability issues plagued the last event. 3:1
Car 6 - Wilson - My new favourites, took Chloe away for them to perv on and look what they produced. Will show great speed, but rumour has it brayden is frightened of the dark. Even money only.
Car 7 - Ryan Smart & Hugh Reardon-Smith - Queensland rally’s Mythological Figure much like Thor where the stanza is his hammer, road position is better but I think he’d like to be 10 cars further back - will embarrass most of the field. 2:1
Car 10 - McConkey & Hewett - can this team get anymore dodgy? Shonks has invested heavily in the rebuild after Manumbar, even recruiting Mr P3 solutions Russell the love muscle on board, but let’s be honest the only thing he had a chance of winning was the race against Tanz to rebuild a car and that was declared a draw. 20:1
Car 11 - Melinda Bergmann & Larisa Biggar - Returned to form at manumbar which had them placed on the podium however, at Border Ranges last year it almost came unstuck at the first spectator point. Everyone should get out there to see if they attack with the same vigour this event. 4:1
Car 12 - Clayton hoy & Alan Stean - Up and coming talent, comes from good breeding stock. With Steany on board without Marius making an entry shows who’s arthritis pays up in the cold. 4:1
Car 14 - Cahal Carey & Ronnie Bastard - Still on the improved but mysteriously disappeared from the time sheets at Manumbar. Will be there abouts, if they hang about. 7:1
Car 16 - Garry Yeomans & Kam Baker - team tooheys New, home event! Will be bouyed by NSW win in the State of Origin and tooheys on tap. 5:1
Car 17 - Wayne Hoy & Richard Galley - road position will suit the z, and Hoy boy has talent to boot, will impress. 10:1
Car 18 - Craig Aggio & Megan Benson - hit and miss performance this season. Can they return to the heights of their Whitsundays form? Or are there a lack of jumps? 15:1
Car 19 - Anthony Tanzer & Ryan Preston - After rolling at Manumbar and putting Chloe out of action, the call was put out with a Navagator with crashing experience. Unfortunately, Jay Davidson was not available. Ryan most notable for his incar calls, like “holy f**k Tom”, “ “f*%#ing Stump Tom” believes his biggest challenge in the event will be changing the calls from Tom to Tanz. Still a Numpty behind the wheel. 30:1
Car 20 - clay badenock & Catriona Kelly - the sister car of Neil Bates lead the similar event last year. Expect to finish much higher. 15:1
Car 21 - Jeff Kilbride & Holly Kilbride - the only father daughter team in this event, and seem to be really enjoying their rallying at the moment. Returned to form at Manumbar. If repeated should see them well inside the top 10. 20:1
Car 23 - Keith fackrell & Claire Buccini- everything that can go wrong on an escort went wrong at Manumbar. Should be sorted and phone service should be much better so Claire can return to her live streams. 20:1
Car 25 - Shaun Dragona & Ray Priest - Mr WRC zero car. Safe as a bank. Rare competitive outing at the QRC, hope he removed the siren and flashing lights. 30:1
Car 26 - David ovenden & Bruce Tyler - great to see the return of rotary goodness. Swept roads are a waste, because he will make his own lines. 30:1
Car 27 - Jessie heitman & Grant Burisch - nervous return at Manumbar, gaining confidence. Hoping he knows which way round to put his helmet on as he wears his caps backwards. 25:1
CR 28 - Connor Oldham & Jenna Bulmer - the sole 323 in this event, will be hoping to replicate the recent performance of the 323 in the Tasmania round of the ARC. But that’s just dreaming! 40:1
Car 29 - Rod Reid & Belinda Reid - Rallying’s happy couple, or is it a Mirage? 70:1
Car30 - Warren Morton & Ben Logan - too many tank slappers at Manumbar blew a CV, new driveshafts fitted they should be fine for high speed rev-limiter bashing. 40:1
Car 31- Michelle van der vilk & Erik Johnsson - Erik will try anything for a win, having weaseled his way into the seat to be the most experienced novice ever. Michelle to revile with this experience on board as she continues to gain speed. 40:1
Car 32 - Ben Crisp & Brad Jones - A welcome entry to the QRC in 2019 for Ben in the 555 Subaru works replica, with the international navigating sensation Brad Jones. 50:1
Car 34 - Allan griffin & Brad Smith - Griffo..... griffo..... Griffo..... WTF? Really? Turning up in a nasty? Known for his exciting style in the Stanza, I think he’s just gone senile. 45:1
Car 35 - Edward Mulligan & Mark Mulpas - Is the Mantra really that slow? Or is bad Ed just out sight seeing? Both should be seated higher, here’s my roughy 100:1
Car 36 - Wayne Daniels & Peter Cowlishaw - ROO Systems team back in the game. Most noteworthy award for Wayne is going through the most navigators in a season, or was that just one event? 40:1
Car 37 - Christopher Carney & Lacey Wade - joined the turtle club at Manumbar along with the Tanzer’s hoping they have their gyroscope calibrated as they cross the Tropic of Capricorn for a long trip south. 50:1
Car 39 - Shaun Cassidy & Chris Cassidy - more happy travellers from the north, will be hoping the roads are smooth. Using the event as testing for Targa Great Barrier Reef. 55:1
Car 40 - John Gibson & Peter Clydesdayle - Pete can talk under wet cement, Gibbo will be hoping all the hot air from Pete’s mouth will work as a great de-mister. 60:1
Car 41 - Peter stringfellow - Stringy x 2, although not competing in the QRC they are still Queenslanders so they find their way into the form guide. The sport needs more people like these guys, so we have the full collection of garden nome look-a-likes. 70:1
Car 44 - Dominic corkeron & Dennis Neagle - not frightened of stone chips on the BM anymore. Definite contender in the clubman. This thing sounds and looks the part. 50:1
Car 45 - Stephen Ebenestelli & Michael Cosmo - Does anyone know who won the fight over heated controls at Manumbar? The Torana should love the flowing nature of shire roads. 60:1
Car 46 - Marcus Connolly & Steven Casper - Our newest addict, recruiting one of the ghost rally sport crew in his quest of knowledge and speed. Will have yet again an improved run. 80:1
Car 47 - Micheal Gill & Ryan Williams - Spuddy’s changed hands but Ryan can’t quite let go. As for form, rumour has it, they crashed on handover. 150:1
Offical Page of the Queensland Rally Championship
Offical Page of the Queensland Rally Championship22 hours ago
Crews are on their way to the Accent Benchtops Working Dog Rally 2019 in Bonalbo
Let’s see your road trip pics!

#QLDRally2019 #SafeTravels
Offical Page of the Queensland Rally Championship
Offical Page of the Queensland Rally Championship2 days ago
Spectator Instructions are now available for the Accent Benchtops Working Dog Rally 2019

Come and cheer on your Team!